Stacy Coleman

Direct Sales and Office Manager in Queens, New York

My most proud accomplishment is being the mother of three wonderful children. My daughter is finishing her last year of college. My twin sons are preparing for their senior year in high school.

I couldn't decide what to write on my about me page, so I asked the twins what they think of me as I received the following quotes:

"A mother that cares for everyone around her no matter if you personally know her or not. Always out going and still has a spirit to motivate her friends and family. She doesn't believe in the word can't because a person should put 110% into anything they put their mind to. A coach in life and she influences parents everyday. She shows up to every parent teacher meeting to stress grades and education because failure isn't an option in school or life . Always focused and determined to enlighten young people." Twin A.

"Mommy you are a selfless person who consistently puts your all into making me a better young man and push me to do great things." Twin B.

After reading their observations of me I started to think, What will I do when they graduate? Will my voice fade?