Jae 😛

Student in Frisco, Texas

Jae 😛

Student in Frisco, Texas

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Hi im jae!! im a lady n ya

my interests mainly consist of persona, south park, haruhi suzumiya, fire emblem and other stuff but youll see me posting mainly that stuff

I post mainly edgy fanartz and yea

I have two other accounts you can feel free to follow!! jaemaeda is my main and yusuketime is my persona fan account. I also have a spam/vent but i only let friends follow it since my posts there are personal

I have three best friends, rayme, galaxie, and kyle they are the bestest friends ever especially kyle he is my bestest friend for life

I have a lovely girlfriend sophina

Dont expect me to follow back

I am hesitant to make new friends but if we share common interests you can always dm me and we can talk about stuff!! Although im terrible at holding at conversation

I honestly dont care who follows me but if youre going to leave me rude comments and/or dms bashing on me, my interests, or my friends repeatedly i will have to block you. Jokes are fine and all but im seriously tired of people talking bad about my interests and my friends to my face even though ive asked them not to. Seriously just do it behind my back and everythings cool

Thats it so thanks for reading i guess