Jae 😛

Student in Frisco, Texas

Jae 😛

Student in Frisco, Texas

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Im jae lawl welco to my about

I love video games n anime and especially haruhi suzumiya

Ma bestest frands are kyle n sophina hehe

Flow my main @kagehiraaa

I dont rly like kin people byt ill accept you and i wont soft block as long as you dont post about kin a lot lol

If you kin with haruhi suzumiya dont follow betch cuz i will probably only end up hating you

Also jf u stereotypical kpop twitter stay away from me thx especially if you like kpussiess

I use a lot of slurs cuz i dont care about that shit so if youre gonna only call me out for it just go away i dont wanna deal with that

I also make fun of a lot of stuff that people might think is offensive so stay away from me if ur one of those people

N i think thats all just dm me for me to accept if we havent talked before cuz this is my spam and i dont wanna accept just anyone