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Gerald Sanderson


I like video games like Minecraft, lego batman, call of duty, batman arkham asylum, GTA 5 and the legend of zelda. I love Dubstep. I love to eat junk food like reese bars, ketchup chips, fries, hotdogs and potatoes but i do eat my vegetables. I like to read graphic novels and comics like batman, the flash and spiderman and all marvel and dc hero comics. I like to draw and i'm really amazing at drawing! I love to be silly. I can be a real pain in the ass but i am fun to be around most of the time. I have ADHD but i can control it most of the time. I like to build and creat stuff with paper, lego, cardboard or even stuff i find like a straw or rock or some kind! I love graffiti! I like to be excited and happy. I love the stars at night. I like to watch cartoons like adventure time, johnny test and ultimate spiderman. I like movies like batman, the amazing spiderman, the lego movie, teenage mutant ninja turtles and a little bit of horror movies! I dress like a skater and wavy hair. I'm very hyper and i have lots of energy. I like to play badminton but i hate other sports. I get bored easy. I love to have fun! I currently live in foster care.