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Bader Ben Fraj

Freelance : be my way to more success

I've been a 3d designeur now for almost 3 years . i know it is not a long periode but from my begining and till this second evrey day i learn new tevhniques and make new experience really it is such of great plesure for me .

Being a succesful 3d designeur is not so simple as pepole think , it needs a lot of patience and a long way to achieve success .

I am a very dynamic person i just can't stop moving , i love creating and i have to be creative to proove that am a good 3d designeur also i am a serious person i only know how to do things perfectly especily my work .

Am single for this all my time is for my renders , I almost work 9 hours by day in my compagny and 4 hours at home .

An important thing about me i dont like very much interviews and i like to show my competence from my work .