Badge Magic

An innovative adhesive for fabrics, Badge Magic offers a simple and quick way to attach badges securely to cloth. Originally developed to affix badges to Boy Scout uniforms, the durable adhesive has gained widespread use by organizations such as the Girl Scouts, Awana, and the American Legion. Designed to withstand repeated washings, Badge Magic also can easily be removed to make room for new badges or to pass uniforms down to younger siblings. A time-saver for parents, the product eliminates the need for sewing and has the added advantage not leaving behind the tell-tale thread marks that usually accompany stitched material. Badge Magic provides a variety of kits containing adhesive sheets complete with cutouts in the shapes of frequently used emblems and badges. Along with detailed application instructions, the packages contain a Placement of Insignia uniform guide illustrating the proper positioning. Most also furnish extra adhesive that can be cut to any shape. Badge Magic’s kits are ideal for Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts, Leaders, Sparks, Cubbies, and other groups. There are also kits for girls organizations, including American Heritage Girls. Featuring customized adhesive packages, Badge Magic also caters to groups with unique requirements. Providing a wide range of sheet sizes to create badges, the company can accommodate a sole patch, multiples of a single patch, as well as an assortment of sizes. Products are also available for hemming pants and skirts. Badge Magic adhesive is also used in a variety of products made by other companies. The brainchild of former Scout leader Dave Herbig, Badge Magic was developed in response to repeated complaints about sewing from the parents of scouts in his troop. Working with an industrial designer, he discovered a pressure-sensitive adhesive that would adhere to a variety of fabrics. After repeated testing in the lab and with scouting troops, he launched the product in 2004.