Badger Denehy

New York, New York, United States

I came across editing 14 years ago by making VCR to VCR deck skateboard videos with my friends in Texas. My relationship to sports, music and promo-style editing has been synonymous ever since.

I took media-centric courses all through high school and eventually graduated from the University of Texas with a Radio-TV-Film degree.

Right after graduating from UT in 2005, I took all the money I had and moved to New York City. Without knowing a single soul in the city I found work as a acting reel editor. After a brief career playing rugby in Australia I returned to NYC and a job as an assistant editor for a TruTV reality series called "All Worked Up." There I gained a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of Avid and tapelss workflow.

In 2011, after a year of assisting on 2 additional reality shows, I made a move to CBS to work as a digitizer for Sports. In the two years there I learned routing, scopes, tape workflow and worked on the NCAA Final Four, The US Open, The Masters and even The Superbowl. During this time I used my nights, spare days and weekends to work as many freelance editing gigs as I could. I had opportunities at Time Inc., ABC News, Viacom, IMG Media, BedRocket, Order Now and even cut a narrative short called "Dinner & a Movie."

In May 2012 I left CBS for a promo editing job at Lifetime. Originally hired as a night - junior/tagging editor, I quickly took every opporunity I could to proove myself as a creative editor. Three months later I worked my way to a dayside position and am now the go-to editor for in-house launches, show-opens and finales. For most projects even operating as a preditor and dealing with the Creative Director directly.

Most recently I have taken it upon myself to learn Motion Graphics by teaching myself After Effects and Cinema 4D in my spare time. I am always striving to be on top of the game and be the best editor I can be.

  • Work
    • Abc News
  • Education
    • University of Texas at Austin