Sean G

I thought it would be a good idea to let you know more about me. I work in the advertising industry and used to be a CrazyDomains customers but most of you already knew it.

I didn't like how Crazy Domains was treating me and many others so I had decided to leave them and that was 3 or so years ago and from then on i was going to help people who are still using them as a hosting/domain provider.

The time will come when Crazy Domains(Dreamscape) will have to come around to become a better business then it currently is.

If you think that my constant tweets about Crazy Domains services are annoying sorry, but if i can bring those issues up to people attention i think they could too. And before you ask if i had never work for them & i wouldn't associate my work life to them either.

If you are with CrazyDomains and want to have a change to a better life & web hosting etc. I would recommend these guys below as they all seems to be great guys and willing to help at any time of the day or night:

Host365aus -

MediaTemplate -

WestHost -

NameCheap -