Anggana Riski Pratama


Hi. my name Angga. in my neighborhood I used to be called Badkid. and that was my nickname in bboy. probably due to the peculiar style of dress, unique, and interesting at every moment. or maybe because every time I always use my favorite glasses. and I rarely take it off, haha Born on 15 December 1995 in Jakarta, the capital of the country of Indonesia. I'm beginning to bboy starts from the bboy interest in seeing action on Youtube. then I started training with my friend and tried. sometimes I'm very envious of people who are already an expert, but I do not despair, instead I made it as a race to be the best spirit and become a professional bboy And that became my favorite bboy is my inspiration Toyz aRe Us, El-Nino, Lilou, Zeshen, Wing Zero, and Hong-10. I wanted to be them, always look good on the dance floor. and I hope one day my dreams come true and people will know me as "Badkid"

Love to share about my hobbies and my activities on Instagram and always update on Twitter& Path LOL

My favourite colours are white , black . green , blue , cyan , purple , orange , and pink .
I like a girl who had a short / long hair and wear glasses . She looks clever and goodlooking for me.
I'm a leader of school organization in my senior high school . My period is from 2012 - 2013 .

I love many culture in the world like hiphop, traditional nation, and one of the most i like is Japanese Culture. it give me many inspiration in life. And also i like drawing manga ( Japanese technical drawing ) and i'm very like to capture anythings good .

Also i like travelling to another perfectures . Maybe someday i can travel around the world . With my passion.

I'm a big fans for Soekarno (June 6, 1901 – June 21, 1970), Bruce Lee (1940-1973) , James Brown (1933-2006) , and Muhammad Ali (1942-now)

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