Bad Lucy

The trio's self-titled release in May 2012, recorded live to tape, followed the broadcast of the Bad Lucy single "Forward" during the 2011 Macy's Thanks- giving Day Parade. The song also received feverish attention on Phoenix FM airwaves around the same time.

Lead vocalist/guitarist J. Miller, bassist Alex Kyhn and drummer Alex Lee have emerged as force in the Valley of the Sun's local music scene. Their sound is raw, gritty, and contradictory in that the band's dirtier or funkier sound is juxtaposed in many live sets against some of the sweetest vocalization and refined musicianship of
tender slow songs.

From stage to studio, the fast-evolving sound of Bad Lucy is generating a familiar buzz with audiences in the Valley of the Sun. The trio's organic flow of furious, yet balanced, rock-n-roll splashed with folk sensibilities demonstrates a band that has discovered its heart and trusts its collective gut.