Mark McCann

Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom

Mark McCann is a Self Published Author of hard boiled supernatural thrillers and Co-Owner and Senior Editor of Cult Nerd Website Star of YouTubes 'The BAD MAN Show' he also contributes feature articles to Bad Haven among other online outlets and news hubs - a habit he formed from his tenure as film critic for local newspapers around his hometown of Belfast.

Mark is an avid cinephile, devourer of pop culture and reader of everything from Stephen King to Nietzsche. He has amassed a comic book collection that threatens to become its own landmass and considers early John Carpenter and James Cameron movies sacrosanct to the point of being holy. When he's not busy writing, editing and drinking copious quantities of green tea, Mark enjoys 'pumping iron' as an amateur power-lifter, petting cats and fighting crime in a wet suit he ordered off e-bay.

He's currently working on a horror/sci-fi anthology with a cadre of other talented writers with a tentative release date set for early 2014.

  • Work
    • Writer and Editor
  • Education
    • Queens University Belfast