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Brian Jacobson

A Naval Science Teacher at First Coast High School since August 2006, Lieutenant Commander Brian Jacobson (USN, Ret) was raised in Michigan and California before entering the U.S. Navy in 1978, at age 17. He spent his entire working career since high school in the U. S. Navy. In 1994, he was commissioned an Ensign through the Limited Duty Officer Program, and in 1998, earned a Masters Degree in Human Relations through Oklahoma University. While in the Navy, he served as a Naval Security, Law Enforcement, and Anti-terrorism Officer, with over 20 years Law Enforcement and Anti-terrorism Management experience. He has attended numerous courses, seminars, and accredited schools that encompass a wide-spectrum of Law Enforcement, Police Administration and Management, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection, Physical Security, Corrections, Emergency Management, and Community Policing Programs. His military, leadership, & experience as a youth sports coach over the last 28 years coupled with his formal education (military and civilian institutions) prepared him for a second career in teaching. Lieutenant Commander Jacobson was also an Adjunct Assistant Professor with UMUC and CTC colleges.