Student and Artist in Portland, Oregon

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hey im pearl im 15 and i live on the west coast of the us

my art account is @gemwave

im feminine nonbinary and hella gay

self-dx: anxiety, depression, dermatillomania,

fears include: bugs/insects, spiders, maaybe heights, and sometimes the dark..

please tag: bugs, insects, spiders, eye injury, irl gore, rape+rape mentions (i havent been assaulted, but it makes me uncomfortable),

intrests include (but not limited to): steven universe, cartoons, space, birds, drawing, animation, splatoon, knives and swords,

im very self conscious about my art so sometimes after a i post it i might delete it an hour later most likely because i feel shitty

i currently have a girlfriend and a qpp

☆kin shit☆

do not follow if we share these kins --
》pearl/bad pearl - steven universe (main)
》ryuko matoi - kill la kill (primary)
》rick sanchez - rick & morty (secondary)
》captian viridian - VVVVVV (secondary)
》ida - monument valley (secondary)

okay to follow --

ids (i like to see these as me but theyre not kin, i prefer u not follow. ps i actually id as these characters bc theyre me, not because theyre just cute) --

》calcifer - howls moving castle
》el tigre/manny rivera - el tigre
》shadow - sonic series
》scott pilgrim - scott pilgrim series
》mint choco cookie - cookie run

tags (i sometimes say these are me) --

》wilson - dont starve
》jotaro kujo - jojos bizarre adventure
》devil cookie - cookie run
》duckman - duckman: private dick/family man

if you dont have an about in your bio i probably might not accept but you can try