"Herb got my wig fried like a bad perm" - Method Man, Triumph Picture this... two females meet at a Dead Prez concert and are the only women there. Sounds like a hip-hop match made in heaven! It was the beginning of a great friendship between two women who share a love and passion for the music and culture. As they started going to many more events together, they ran into many more females who shared a similar appreciation for the hip-hop culture. After months of trying to find an outlet to voice the female standpoint, Zoi suggested creating a hip-hop blog from an all female perspective. In order to repair a bad perm, the specific cause of damage requires identification. The name “bad perm” represents a lack of knowledge about real hip-hop by the female demographic. If you have a bad perm, then you have sought refuge with the right stylists. Zoi and Lala are two women who have come together in the hopes of offering a hip-hop makeover to the untamed women that represent the new age of hip-hop, and to put the vital oils of hip-hop culture back into these bad perms. Our goal is to share our wealth of experience, opinions and perceptions of the hip-hop world and together leave an impressionable female footprint along the path of hip-hop’s future.