My name is Badr ANSSAR and I am a twenty-four year old. Mainly a software engineer and happy father of an ongoing wonderful IT startup, as an open source advocate, i enjoy sharing my simplistic approach to design solutions while spreading the word on the best practices, in order to make this weird world suck less.

Curious about UI/UX design and constantly looking for new inspiration.

Still terrified of IE6, and all Microsoft bullshit Suite.

Currently living in Morocco, and convey this, proudly (Sarcasm) ! traveling a lot and continuously searching to defeat the challenges.

I still believe that formal education (eg. School) kills creativity.

I do have hobbies outside the internet. That sounds mighty crazy, doesn't it? Those include literature, Traveling, watching TBBT. And I am currently in the process of mounting a wonderful startup.

My traveling principles: be awesome, enjoy life, try things, fail, try again, and be (com)passionate

I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into simple.
I can see dead pixels, also.

I'm available to speak about anything.

Cheers !

  • Education
    • "Formal Education, kills our creativity".