Badreddin Biada

Junior Graphic Designer and Instagrammer in Girne,

Badreddin Biada

Junior Graphic Designer and Instagrammer in Girne,

Hello, I'm Badreddine, and welcome to my profile. I'd like to introduce myself for you if you have a couple of minutes in your hand.

I'm a junior graphic designer who wants to achieve his goals and become a significant graphic designer.

I started my artistic career by studying in Applied Arts department at Mohamed VI high school in Marrakesh (Morocco), where I had learned a general knowledge about: communication design, industrial design, environment design and computer graphics.

After graduating from high school, I had a vocational training in computer graphics for two years, then I decided to continue my professional education in Graphic Design, and that's when I joined Girne American University in North Cyprus, and I had a pretty interesting learning experience in both professional and personal levels.

Currently I'm a junior graphic designer in North Cyprus.

In my career, I'm always looking forward to learn and expand my experience in the field of graphic design, knowing that it's a vast field. I like learning from different cultures, my fellow designers and customers too, and I like the challenge in every new project I work on, as it is a new opportunity to learn more.

However, finding the best solution for a problem is something I always tend to do since I'm kind of a perfectionist. Because building a brand or a reputation is important for me in this career, therefore I try my best to find the solution that can please my customer and I also be happy about it.

I believe graphic design isn't only a way to communicate with people, but also - as any other type of art - can build a good society, it can urge people to coexist more nicely with their surrounding, and also can build a beautiful taste and personality in them when they are reached by a well made and clean speech.

I love designing logos, I enjoy doing photo manipulations, and I also love typography and photography.

I'd love to meet you and know more about you too, and maybe we can work together if you're interested. Thank you so much for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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