Professional Bio

Food Philosophy

The Fun Stuff

First, the professional bio:

Now, the fun stuff!

I am an avid sci-fi/comic book nerd. So much so that I presented on a Star Trek pannel at the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Conference in 2009. My dad used to dress me up as a Bajoran and take me to conventions. I have a create-your-own comic book and trading card of me as Captain Universe. I had my first D&D character by 8 years old. Qapla', bitches.

I am also an outdoors enthusiast. This past summer alone I: hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, went hammock camping, learned to white water kayak, took a 50 mile biking day-trip, went rock climbing, and camped out at All Good to teach African drumming and dance.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I grew up in a house where dragons, skulls, gargoyles, and swords were not unusual decorations, and my father always dressed me up in awesome costumes and stage make-up. I have been planning my Halloween costume since last year. It's as good as Christmas in my book, and the pleathora of skulls around my apartment probably shows that. I also love owls. Hm.

I prefer: books over television. A blanket in the grass to the couch. Folliage over sand. Sugar over salty. Sarcasm. Period.