Madison Walton Neville

Student in England, United Kingdom

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[ 🌺 she / her pronouns 🌺 ]

Hello! I'm Madison, but everyone calls me Maddi so.. Anyway, I'm young and love science. In fact, thats what I'm going to be when I'm older; a Physicist. Wolves are my favourite animal. I especially love actics wolves. Their fur is so beautiful. My dad is an amazing portrait artist. My mother is a midwife. She actually qualified last year. I go to a large school. I have around 20 friends, 4 best friends. Primary wasnt the best time for me, I was in a lot of incidents. People being mean to me, but I'm over that now. I met my roleplay friends when I had a mate named Sam. He invited me to his rp group. The first people I ever Roleplayed with was my super old mate, but that wasnt really rp, just silly chats. Anyhow, the new rp group I joined was with: Alina, Sam, Lizzy and Fang. We spoke a lot, a few fights (with characters.) After, we got involved with a lot more people. We had Jermaine, Jess (Our awesome alpha), Midnight, Veah, Dylan. It was packed. They all make me laugh. We have so many amazing roleplays. We had some arguments, some stroppy "I'm gonna leave instagram!!" Quotes, but never bad things occured. I'll keep this blog up-to-date every week. Enjoy!

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January has nearly gone, I feel sorry for the people in America who have to deal with all that snow ⛄️