Real Name : *Error*

Stage name *Name that you guys can call me * : Heejung

Age : I was born on 1999 .

Where I live : Country that Lay like the most and Country that include with Lay name , Asia .

I'm intersted in : KPOP , Music , Food , Sleep , MCM bag ,

Tumblr , Asianfanfics , Twitter and more .

Things that I hate : Haters , New enviroment , New school ,Awkward moment , No laptop , no food , no internet connections

BIAS : Kim Myungsoo/ L , Luhan , Byun Baekhyun , Lee Chanhee/Chunji , Lee Byunghyun/Ljoe , Lee Hyukjae/Eunhyuk , Lee Sungmin/Sungmin , Sandara Park/Dara , Park Sun Young/Luna , Kwon Yuri/Yuri , Hwang Mi Young/Tiffany and Kwon BoA/BoA

Am I arrogant ? : Let see ... If you do good things with me , I'm gonna be friends with you . If you guys mess up with me , I'm gonna burn your head like no more tomorrow :)

Facts about me :

I fucking love kpop .

I'm still student . High school student in ________

I don't waste my money like hell . I save my money for my future . LOL . I mean for kpop concert :3

I still have family that love me so much .

In real life , I kind of shy to talk with people . But if I already know you well I'm gonna talk like Kyuhyun and BaekYeol couple . Non stop talking .

Sometimes I like to prank people .

I'm the type who easily to laugh even though your joke is lame like hell .

I'm not intersted with love . I'm lesbian ? Hell no . I already have husbandS :)

I don't like to share my husbands with fake kpopers :)

Haters are nothing and fanwar is the best .