hello hello!!I'm ViVi! Nice to meet you!This is just a guide for those of you who request to follow my spam, @jinslut, because from now on I want to be very specific about who follows me!

First of all -- If you only know me from school, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT REQUESTING TO FOLLOW ME, PLEASE.- Don't request if you only want to start drama or pick a fight. Keep in mind that picking a fight with me is one thing, but picking a fight with one of my friends is a whole new level. I will not hesitate to fight you, and if you fight with me I won't stop until it's settled the right way.- I have NO PROBLEM if we stan the same people, really!! But if you just want to start problems about it I have no time to deal with that. Don't be posessive or rabid. I would gladly cry over the same member of a band with you, but I don't want to have to FIGHT over the same member of a band with you.- If you get annoyed by spam, k-idols, opinions, and other weaboo trash then you shouldn't request I'm warning you- I'M A SENSITIVE PERSON, AND I WILL 99.9% GET OFFENDED IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY.- Please talk to me and all if you're gonna request?? I want to be friends and I get uncomfortable if you're just going to like my posts and all without conversing- If you're racist, homophobic etc or have a rude sense of humor we won't mix well- I GET REALLY SALTY AND EMO IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT YOU WONT LIKE ME

I USUALLY GET TAGGED/TAG MYSELF AS:- Xiumin (EXO)- Jin (BTS)- Joy (Red Velvet)- Hoshi (Seventeen)- Sungo (24k)- Luna (F(X))- Key (SHINee)- Bambam (GOT7)- Nozomi Tojo or Kotori Minami (love live)- Hinami Fueguchi (Tokyo Ghoul)- Chitanda Eru (Hyouka)- Madoka Kaname (pmmm)- Nui Harime (Kill la kill)- Chiaki Nanami (danganronpa)

I will only accept your follow request if I know you OR if you DM me with a picture of Jin or Xiumin, telling me that you've read this. I AM NOT A KPOP ACCOUNT, BUT I AM A SPAM ACCOUNT. PLEASE DON'T SPAM ME WITH LIKES IF YOU DIDN'T SEE ME POST SOMETHING. That's about it! my main account is @ayedidas