Felipe Baez

An experienced IT Manager, VoIP and High Definition Videoconferencing engineer with a proven track record of success in end-user and Infrastructure support and development. Providing high-level support for consultants around the Globe in very time sensitive situations, example of proactivity and performance among colleagues. A strong pro-active team player, empowering colleagues to take ownership, providing coaching, training and mentoring in the Videoconferencing and VoIP technologies to build cohesive teams. Experience in trainings for employees on Videoconferencing usage and Infrastructure. Eager to find out how things work so he can provide better support. I have a growing fast technical expertise in VoIP and Videoconference, always keen to learn new things and he loves to experiment any ideas that come to my mind. Always focused on developing my skills that will help in day to day operations. I set high personal standards to achieve excellence and make the clients happy and willing to stretch whenever the situation demands. I have contributed with many of my thoughts in weekly VoIP/Infrastructure Development meeting. This meetings serves to educate VoIP/VC support as well as give them an update on current HDVC development projects. This meeting is also used to analyse any issues with HDVC management devices such as CMA, PathNavigator, RMX 2000 etc.