Jill Bagnall

Designer and Artist in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Jill Bagnall

Designer and Artist in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

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Since moving to the beautiful Shropshire Hills 12 years ago, I have been self employed & loving it!

A few years ago I took the opportunity to buy a kiln, which allowed me to progress making kiln glass from one of many hands-on hobbies I indulged, to a much more serious, obsessional ‘affair’.
Glass is wonderful, it transmits, refracts and reflects light and I love experimenting with colour, light & texture to create visual, tactile pieces that are both functional and stylish.

Did you know the history of glass spans over 4000 years? For 2000 years the technique of making glass items was what we today call kiln forming or 'warm' glass. Then about 2000 years ago someone discovered that if glass is 'hot' it can be blown into to form a bubble.

The rest, as they say, is history. Blowing enabled glass production to take great leaps forward and gradually kiln formed glass went out of fashion. It has relatively recently been 'rediscovered' as it lends itself well to producing individual artistic pieces with interesting finishes not possible with blown glass. Many old techniques have had to be relearnt and redeveloped. Yet essentially we use exactly the same processes as before - only the fuel source has changed!

I am in a process of 'continuous development' learning from books, online and from 'master classes' with experts in their techniques. Like most designer/makers, I like to discover and push my boundaries by experimenting; it's always the best way to learn and to create unique work.

Much of my work is bespoke; made to an individuals request for a special gift or simply to co-ordinate with their home.

I also run beginners fusing workshops and tasters, hopefully passing on my enthusiasm for glass.

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