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Who, Me?

Next question please...

There's nothing much to say, except that I am a nocturnal being who has seen very few sunrises in my entire existence. Life begins when it begins to get dark, and nothing makes sense before noon.
I'm a couch potato who calls climbing the 14 rungs of steps to the office a strenous exercise but daring and gutsy enough to explore and venture into the unknown, snorkel and kayak although i never learned how to swim, and can fly at a moment's notice.
My joys are simple-- shooting sunsets, landscapes and anything and everything that moves or does not, traveling, watching clouds, listening to the crashing of the waves on the rocks, coffee, dreaming, capturing and freezing moments forever.
So many confusing and clashing sides to my personality but sum it up- I am a wannabe travel writer, reporter, photographer, trying hard video clip catcher, cook (in my dreams), a multi-tasker, and a whole lot more traits which you are better safe not discovering. LoL

Oh you were asking about me, right?
I write, take photos, shoot videos, write and vice versa.