Vlad Bagnuk

Kyiv, Ukraine

Basic skills and attainments of my profession I got while studying at the Department of pantomime in Variety and Circus College, where I studied for four years. The basis of our education was classical school mime-pure, as well as modern developments of educators in the field of physical-plastic theater. From morning till evening we explored the possibilities of our body. During study teachers have identified my tendency to charismatically eccentric plastic, which gave me the opportunity to act as a comedian. In addition to plastics, we studied dramatic actor skills and stage speech. Also, we were taught different types of dance such as: folk, modern, classical and step dances. Another branch of our training was circus art, such as acrobatics, juggling balls, clubs, hats and canes. In addition, we studied the imitation of sounds, make-up and learned to play the piano.

  • Work
    • Artist
  • Education
    • Kiev National University of Culture and Arts
    • State Academy of Training Specialists in Culture and Arts
    • Kiev State College Vatiety and Circus Art
    • Kiev Children`s Academy of Arts