Cairo, Egypt

Bahaa El-Ansary is a young composer from Egypt, born in Cairo, 1991. ''One of the young voices who play a part in shaping Egypt's cultural future.'' BBC.

He studied composition at The Academy of Arts in Cairo and he also studied Theory of Music with Trinity College London. He has participated in many masterclasses and workshops with both Egyptian and European composers, with a special thanks to the Cairo Contemporary Music Days, which began his involvement with the contemporary music scene.

Bahaa Studied online (via Skype) with Egyptian Composer Bassam Halaka (January – May 2011) and from January 2012 he is studying with Egyptian composer Amr Okba.

As a grantee of "The British Council' Grants to Artists" Bahaa had the chance to travel to Germany for one month to participate in lessons as well as working with many musicians. He also participated at The 46th International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt.

In May 2011 he participated in 2011 East-West Composer Abroad Competition Designed for Young Composers from Egypt, by submitting to the attention of the jury the piece 25th January. The piece had 2 performances by Xenia Ensemble in Turin, Italy. Such Performance has been considered the 1st step in his professional way as a composer.

In 2012 Bahaa has been commissioned by Duo Harpverk –a leading ensemble in Iceland- to write a piece for Harp and Percussion, when he wrote one of the most important pieces in his repertoire; Atmosphere. Duo Harpverk premiered Atmosphere in Iceland, November 2012. Bahaa submitted Atmosphere to ECCMOP’s 2013 commission award competition when he received his 1st Composition Award. ECCMOP commissioned Bahaa to write his 2nd String Quartet. And again, as a result of a commission Bahaa wrote another good piece, The Art of Fear, he considers it the highest of his repertoire till now. The Art of Fear has been premiered by ECCMOP Ensemble last May in Cairo and Alexandria.

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    • Conservatoire Jacques Thibaud de Bordeaux