Bahadır Karasu

Bahadır Karasu ( Born April, 1990 in Bandirma, Turkey) is a Turkish low-budget film maker. He began his cinema career in 2008 with the short Me. That was his first expiremental short film. He keeps up working on expiremental short movie scripts. There is a door he said that opened to success and you must build your key to opened this door by creating new editing and story style. Now he is working on the low-budget film industry as scriptwriter post-production assistant and director. He also joined foreign film maker group. In 2009 He created a group named youngfilmmaker. Recently He is working on lots of local and foreign short films, also writing film scripts. Now he's the owner of independent production company named "Piranha Film". He created "Piranha Film" with the support of his loyal crew and friends.

He generally use noir effect in his film because he loves noir movies. He always put the narrator on his film. He firstly select the film soundtracks then he write his script while listening the soundtrack. According to him, Music and Acting are the most important things in the cinema. On his all films, editing,sound effects, visual effect and the other all stuff was done by him. He generally works on mystery,psychological thriller, and monolog style scripts. His short films thoroughly examine Human's psychology, stories always depict that examining of depth human psychology. He claimed that He loves and following the Lars Von Trier, Darren Aronofosky, David Lynch , Woody Allen, Steeve McQueen's , Christoper Nolan's cinema but he also said that ; It's great to loving other's jobs but it's wrong to want to be like them. Cinema is the thing about style and creativity and you have to be "you". You show to the people whatever your problems are with life by shooting twenty four times in a second in Cinema.