Lawyer in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Lawyer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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BAHAUDDIN FOIZEE is a Law-Professional, a columnist and an international affairs analyst. He holds two law degrees, including the one from a British university.

BAHAUDDIN FOIZEE is highly appreciated by his clients, colleagues and friends for his deep understanding of law, and for the smooth, fast and result-oriented legal services he provides.


Bahauddin Foizee focuses his practice on the legal documentations related to corporate, company and other commercial affairs. He has extensively worked on these areas during his previous associations with two major corporate law firms of Bangladesh.

He has substantial experience in drafting and vetting various contracts and agreements.

He has also worked extensively on land documentations. He performs thorough vetting of various land and other property-related documents, and drafts opinions on the land and property documents.

Bahauddin Foizee has previous experiences in the law-based education and research sector. He had taught law subjects of LLB (Hons) in University of London’s registered centre in Dhaka. He had also worked in a law-based research and development organization.

Bahauddin Foizee has several law-related articles to his name published on newspapers, online journals and think-tank publications. He also maintains a regularly law-blog to help individual persons and businesses better understand what should they do to legally carryout an action without violating law and legal provisions.



• Bachelor of Laws (LLB), University of London (UK)

• Master of Laws (LLM), Eastern University

• PgD in International Relations, University of Dhaka



• Associate Lawyer, Legum Consultants Ltd

• Associate Lawyer, Azad & Company

• Research Associate (Law), Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BILD)

• Faculty Member (Law), Dhaka Centre for Law & Economic (a registered centre of University of London)


So, if you would like to consult with Mr. Bahauddin for making a legal contract or agreement, for obtaining a legal opinion, or for consulting about your land or property documents, please feel free to contact him through the following email address:


  • Education
    • University of London
    • Eastern University
    • University of Dhaka