Bilal Bahemia

Director in Mauritius

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Bilal Bahemia, Mauritius national, runs International Businesses and has been set up in Mauritius and Madagascar for the majority of his life. He has a BSC in Banking and International Finance (Adelaide Australia) and an MBA from South Africa.

The Bahemia family is a very reputed family in Mauritius. The family has been in Mauritius over 160 years and have been engaged in retail hardware business, real estate and manufacturing etc. The Bahemia's are originally from Surat, Gujarat in India and moved almost two centuries ago to Southern Africa and Mauritius. The earlier generations started off as traders and they subsequently branched out into real estate, manufacturing and retail. In Mauritius, his great grand uncle started Ibrahim Bahemia and Co. in 1845 and the company started off trading Sugar/Cocoa-- nut oil and lastly into retail and warehouses. The family still owns big amount of facilities in downtown Port Louis and all accross the island.

Previous to involving into business, Bilal was an excellent banker for 14 years. He did stints with State Bank of Mauritius, Bank SBM Madagascar and most recently in Afrasia Bank Ltd, in Wealth Management and other supervisory positions. At the age of 26, Bilal was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) of Banque SBM Madagascar. He now focuses in his numerous business and does a bit of consulting on the side from time to time. He is also very involved in social functions. Bilal is a solid enthusiast of equipping poorer people through education so as to empower the less privileged to leave behind the cycle of poorness.

Bilal is a steady believer of "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime". His numerous social projects are powered by this motto. Empowerment is another of his vital believes. In enhancement to providing (often trivial) seed capital, to put this belief of his in hands-on use, Bilal has on uncountable events assisted and mentored vulnerable people/groups to set up micro businesses. What may often seem minor to the privileged few often means the world to the less privileged.

Bilal believes in 'I make the difference' and this perspective has time and time again confirmed to be the essential to profitable accomplishments in life. If each and every one of us believed in the same viewpoints and more essentially executed them, the world would be a much improved and less selfish place.

Bilal Bahemia is Mauritius national. He is married to Farhana Bahemi