Baheya Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is one of the most important digital citizenships. In general, it is the standard of conduct expected by other digital technology users. To be more specific, it is the rules made by an individual to be followed during his/her usage of technology. For me, Etiquette rules are the following: do not use a cellphone while sitting with a group of people, use technology only when necessary, do not abuse your access, and be appropriate while posting and sending things and never plagarise! I think that these are simple, basic rules that everyone should follow in order to be considered a responsible, well-educated and trustworthy person.

This type of citizenship affects me in various ways! I think the most important one is that I have to set Etiquette rules for myself in order for this ctizenship to be helpful and successful. The whole thing depends on individuals because if someone doesn't respect his rules, the other people around him won't respect the rules either. So, I think that I have to be very careful when I follow the rules. I have to be very careful when I put something on the web because things travel around really fast and anything can affect my life. I also have to make a good use out of my internet. I have to be very polite and never post anything inapropriate. If I do my job perfectly, other people will also try to do their best and be respectful when it comes to posting things online. I believe that the net is a place where people must be respectful towards others and they do this by following rules that will eventually make the internet better. I have to be very careful when I send emails to teachers because it must formal. I have to differentiate between formal and friends! I have to treat people on the net the way I would like to treated.

Digital Etiquette is sometimes called "netiquette". A good citizen is one who treats people on the internet the way he would like to be treated. A lot of people are aware of these rules but sometimes flout them. I believe that a good citizen is one who doesn't hack other people's computer, email, facebook... Also, in order for one to be recognized as a good citizen, he/ she should never download anything illegally, plagarise, and use bad language on the internet. When someone use his phone when sitting with people, it shows lack of digital etiquette. " Show respect to be respected", "think before sending".