Bahigh Acuna

Featured as one of the 42 Mexicans that are transforming the country by el Universal, and as one of the eight most successful Mexicans in their 30s by GQ, Bahigh brought Spotify to Latin America. As the first man on the ground in the region Bahigh managed the company's operations and was responsible for developing the market-entry strategy, launching, growing and consolidating Spotify as the leading music streaming service, taking it form zero to millions of users and sales in year one. Prior to Spotify, Bahigh built and led the operations team that expanded into emerging markets, he is a former executive at Fortune 500 companies, and a part-time professor and active member of Universidad Anahuac, ISDI and Wayra. Just like bringing Spotify to Mexico changed the music industry, Bahigh is currently working on other ventures trying to disrupt different industries and is positioning as the go-to studio to land and grow tech companies in Latin America. Ventures and projects: bringing to Mexico and the US Hispanic market, PlusU, Funkit, Critical Masser and

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  • Education
    • Industrial Engineer, M.B.A