Akshay Bahiram

Hello Guys,

My name as all you literates can read is Akshay Bahiram. I am a passionate tourist & a Technology addict from Mumbai, India.

I have been working in IT Infrastructure support domain ever since I thought of giving up my pocket-money and decided to have some financial freedom for myself. So work started giving me money & I realized that I don't get sad if I am getting paid. That's pretty much on my CV .

Apart from being a Tech I am always high on hormones for a new journey every day.I love travelling & attending every possible musical Gig in town every weekend. I am an easy spot on places like High Spirits Pune, THE BLUE FROG , TRYST, The Irish house or TGIF to name few in Mumbai & sometimes on a Desi thela with few crazy people on this pale blue dot....most probably at the end of the month if you know where I am coming from ;)

Thanks for reading about me if you have ever reached this line. If not I truly understand there is nothing rite or wrong in this world if a person decides to be happy.