tarun bahl

Small Business Owner in Haryana, India

tarun bahl

Small Business Owner in Haryana, India

I am a bubbly person, so many dull moments face in my life ...

I love to meet people from different places and different walks of life.

I'd like to share some ideas, knowledge, my culture, my abilities and most especially my philosophy..

I add and accept everybody regardless of age, race, religion and color. You just blew your chance to be entertained and to learn from me

I thought people are all the same. I'm a very ordinary person, and I go out of my way just to help if any person want ...

but friends were chosen ... you know what I mean..

I'm a softhearted person and i dnt easily get mad at someone...

I accept unsolicited advice from friends but that doesn't mean I will follow them. I have my own style and my own judgment on things. I never talk against anyone unless she /he has done me wrong... I don't judge people with their religion, color or physical appearance, I believe that God created all humans equal. I'm also a feminist but not a manhater


  • Work
    • Real Estate Consultant
  • Education
    • B.A