Greg Bahlmann

Taipei, Taiwan

I have been pottering around the 'net since before the Internet bubble burst and believe that the medium has enormous potential for information sharing, education and upliftment, especially in developing countries. There are some terrific initiative around solving problems and breaking new ground, but there are so many virtual areas still unexplored. I am especially interested in encouraging self-employment and entrepreneurship, developing effective life skills training systems and encouraging interaction between people on a local level to solve problems and find opportunities collectively.

To me originality and imagination is key - coming up with fresh ideas or new ways to approach problems - and the way in which that originality is translated into something "tangible" that is easy and intuitive to use, useful and exciting. There are literally millions of web designers and coders who can throw together impeccable websites in a day or two (made so much easier with frameworks, code snippets and templates) but real originality is rather thin on the ground. Employing originality and imagination means daring to explore new possibilities, reaching further than before and throwing old, stale paradigms out of the window. The answer to the question "why?" should be "why not"! This engenders real innovation and in a time of online flux as everything moves to mobile (and soon wearable), new thinking is essential.

  • Work
    • Website Developer,
  • Education
    • St. Martin's School
    • University of Johannesburg