Bah-Pna K. Dahane

Bah-Pna Dahane has graduated in 1999 with a Masters degree in International Business and Marketing, minoring in Black Studies and Political sciences from Portland State University (Oregon-USA).
Before heading for his Masters, Bah-Pna worked as a Sports Marketing Consultant and in 1998 joined Coca-Cola France to work as a Sports Marketing Liaison during the Soccer World Cup in his hometown of Lyon (France).
He, later, joined the Sydney Olympic Committee for the Olympics 2000 in Sydney Australia.
In 2001, he was hired by Nike France to handle all aspects of business and marketing of basketball in France : covering events, marketing, contract negotiation and athlete management.
In 2003 and 2004, he worked as a consultant in the broadcasting and entertainment business and helped launch MTV Base Africa in Senegal.
In 2005, he started his own consulting company called Weina (formerly known as BP Consulting). His love and passion for his motherland pushed him to focus primarily on assisting African sports federations in all aspects of their management.
In 2009, he set a precedent in African basketball marketing by putting together a lucrative sponsorship between the firm Nike and the Angola Basketball Federation.
In 2010, out of this deal, Nike designed the first Nike shoe dedicated to an African country and sold on the U.S. market. He managed and coordinated the contract between Angola and Nike until the London Olympics 2012.
From August 2012 to December, Bah-Pna Dahane has collaborated with Richard Attias & Associates on the Doha Gathering of All Leaders in Sports in Qatar. In addition, through his consulting agency, Bah-Pna advises corporations and governments on foreign direct investments in African countries.
A dedicated and passionate sports entrepreneur, Bah-Pna believes in social entreprenurship and the positive impact of sports on youth and the importance for African countries to develop more international competitions. In parallel with his business activities, Bah-Pna also runs programs : the "I care" program, which aims at raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and others transmittable diseas, Roots1901, which focuses on teaching African history and its legacy to the African diaspora living and “ Big!” project which aims at empowering youth through sports.