Michael Bahu

Life long dreamer and creative tinkerer, Michael Bahu has always felt at home when he is in the process of a creative brainstorm, whether his medium is Photography, Web Design, Programming or Videography. His passion for breaking through pre-conceived boundaries and re-imagining the way we percieve and interact with the world around us has propelled him to bring his creativity to every aspect of his and others lives.

Born in Sonoma County, California, Michael has always known that great innovation isn't birthed in repeating the greatness of others but rather through demonstrating the uniqueness of his personality in the very fabric of everything he creates and touches. Living abroad in South America for several years gave Michael a broader insight into the gears that move the world and changed his perception of almost everything he had ever known. This re-birthing has kindled a fire in him to become something more then he could have ever conceived of his own life.

As a new chapter is unfolding in Michael Bahu's life, he is excited to see what is in store, what new ventures he will find himself in and what ways he can change, enrich and excite the lives of everyone who encounters him.