Baia Dzagnidze

Writer, Photographer, and Editor in Tbilisi, Georgia

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I am a journalist with 4 years of experience in writing a wide variety of articles including travel, cultural, food and business pieces. I have worked as an Executive Editor of the English language weekly newspaper and covered different events and destinations, therefore, I write at a Native Speaker level.

My writing is original and unique, plagiarism free, spelling and grammar checked, engaging, interesting and easy to follow content and SEO optimized if necessary. I can write any type of article be it a destination piece, review, blog post and a guide naming a few. I have worked with many local and several international organizations on various content, especially travel pieces.

I am very responsible, work great with deadlines, open to various challenges and can adjust my expertise to a different style of writing.

  • Work
    • Red Fedora Diary
  • Education
    • University of New York in Prague
    • Empire State College