Baia Salihin

perunding imej, image consultant, and image trainer in Shah Alam, Malaysia

Baia Salihin is a Certified Professional Image Consultant from Akademi Perunding Imej Professional and is also Certified by Perbadanan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), also known as HRDF. She is also Certified as DISC Profile Analyst from UTM Space and Fine Academy. She is a highly competent and enthusiastic young trainer with the ability to create fun and interactive learning experiences . Baia's outstanding communication skills make it easy for her to gain the trust of clients and thereby retain business as a trainer/personal consultant and speaker. She is able to interact with people from different backgrounds with conviction and confidence. Her pleasing and outgoing personality makes clients look good and feel comfortable during coaching sessions and workshops.

Baia Salihin actively conducts in-house and public training, provides personal consultation on personal image development and grooming, and advises on social as well as business etiquette. She is experienced in providing professional image development services to career women, men and university graduates .

Baia's excellent knowledge of muslimah styling is an added advantage. Besides, she has solid understanding of dress codes and professional outfits (for men and women), modern designs, professional attires (formal, semi formal, and casual) and the definitive look for attending job interviews. She has a remarkable abilty to fit a client's fashion choices to his/her lifestyle and personality.

Baia Salihin has almost 8 years experience as a multimedia officer and was a lecturer for 6 years in a higher learning institution. This experience has given her a good understanding of what is required in the training environment. She has gained considerable knowledge and understanding of how to build relations with clients, and also match objectives with the needs of the clients.

Baia Salihin provides personal consultation services to clients on areas such as lifestyle upgradation, personal appearance and career advancement. This may even comprise a complete makeover, including help in personal shopping for clothes along with selecting outfits for work and daily lifestyles.

Baia Salihin is also active as a Toastmaster International (TI) member, in Shah Alam Toastmaster Club. Toastmasters International (TI) is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills

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