Bail Bond

Usually, this bailing process is considered as a fiction rather than fact by most of the people because they have seen such things as an episode of their favourite TV shows only. But, unfortunately if some day you come across a situation where your friend or family member needs your help in coming out of the jail then the correct knowledge of these bonds can only save them.

Well, there are certain misconceptions related to these bail bonds, which if not cleared timely can lead to major consequences. Holding the hand of some experienced firm can only make things easier for you. So before finalizing any bail bonds agency in Santa Monica, research well and get all your misunderstandings cleared in a better way.

Since these bail bonds are those legal documents, which people don’t need often but it is always fascinating to know about them. That why this area of law incorporates many myths and misapprehensions. So, here is the list of some common myths, which if not cleared timely, can make the whole process complex. Let’s have the glimpse of some famous ones:

• Myth 1: There is always a cash payment for bail bonds.

This is not the truth as there are number of ways in which you can bring your near and dear ones out. Apart from cash payment, you can go with debit card, direct bank deposit or property submission also.

• Myth 2: You can do bargaining to get the optimum bail amount.

You cannot set a random price for your bail as it is already decided under the law. Whenever someone is found accused of a specific crime, first of all their offense is referenced with the county’s bail schedule and then the bail amount is decided depending upon the seriousness of the crime. Therefore, only the judge has the authority to increase, decrease or remove the bail.

• Myth 3: One has to pay the complete bail amount beforehand only.

No, not at all! Nowadays you will come across many types of bail bonds payment plans which will relieve you from the burden of those hefty amounts. There are many agencies in Santa Monica that can finance your bail bonds. So you just need to ask as many questions as you can before hiring a specific firm.

• Myth 4: Your fees get refunded, once the accused gets the bail

This is the biggest misunderstanding. How a professional can help you free of cost obviously he wo