Bailey Baron

Who is Bailey Baron? For the unfortunate people that haven’t been able to know me I will help you answer that question. Majority of people have one specific quality that they are proud of. I have two fantastic qualities about myself that put the rest to shame. “Honesty is the best quality,” and man am I an honest sole. Telling the truth no matter what the outcome will be. This is one thing I never fell short of and I am very proud of. Standing above the crowd instead of caving in and being a follower is the other quality. I never caved into the pure pressure in high school. We all had our friends pressure us into smoking or drinking, when in the end we really didn’t want to but we backed down and caved in anyways. I can say with my head held high that I never did. Sure, I got picked on and lost friends that were very close to me.The way I look at it is I had a plan, I knew where I wanted to go with my future. I wasn’t about to surrender my dreams for their foolishness.

The career I wanted to pursue sense I was a little girl might surprise you. Most laugh and joke that I am not tough enough. Police officers have to be tough inside and out. I have a past that has not only made me tough on the inside but on the outside. Physically I am tough, dancing for 15 years helped out a lot with that. On top of dance I also have been working out for years preparing to be tough enough to be a police officer. As for being unbreakable on the inside I haven’t always felt loved by my family, constantly being yelled at and torn down. My father was rarely around. Yes, my past is sad but without it I wouldn’t be as tough as I am or as strong as I need to be today. I can't wait to become a police officer that everyone can look up to.