Bailey Davis

Bailey Davis was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario where she first fell in love with the performing arts at the tender age of 6. A shy child, she began taking figure skating and ballet lessons and was immediately impressed with how creative movement emboldened her spirit. Wanting more, she began taking classes with renowned dancer and director Sarina Condello in acting, dance, mime, and creative movement at the age of 9 and became even more in awe of how the arts can change and empower a person. She continued to study under Sarina, in addition to spending her teens and early 20s immersing herself in pop, hip hop, African, and street jazz styles of dance.

Bailey endeavored to let the arts inform every aspect of her life, and since 2012 has gone on to share in the joys of dance, singing, acting and creating with hundreds of children in West Africa, and in 20 of Ontario's First Nations Reserves as a facilitator and teacher for Sarina Condello's remarkable charity The Big Little Caravan of Joy.

She continues to sing, dance, and act whenever she gets the chance, and has been teaching dance, fitness, creative movement, and musical theatre classes throughout Ontario since 2013. She hopes to use her love of the arts to inspire and empower people everywhere.