JD Bailey

I was born in Hartford Connecticut in 1999. I moved to Texas when I was 3, then moved again to South Dakota when I was 7, and moved once again to Massachusetts when I was 8. I grew up playing baseball, soccer, football, basketball and watching cartoons.

I am currently a sophomore attending Grafton High School in Grafton Massachusetts. I am an honors student here in school and play varsity baseball and basketball for the school. I enjoy going to the beach and eating very much. I am very passionate about the things I do, and work hard to achieve what I want and to reach my goals

As a junior I am going to participate in new classes such as marketing, college career planning, that will organize me and get me more knowledgeable in the field of business

In my future I want to be able to play baseball in college, and possibly study business. I would love to attend University of Texas or South Carolina. I would love to be able to grow up in Boston or even down in Texas or South Carolina