Bailey Lamon

Anarcho-Pirate and Social Worker in London, Ontario, Canada

Hi! I'm Bailey. I'm 25 and I live on a chunk of stolen land we call "Canada"; London, Ontario to be precise.

My life pretty much revolves around my work at an Indigenous women's shelter, as well as my political activism. I am the president of the Pirate Party of Canada, and the Vice-Chairwoman of Pirate Parties International. I also love to write about social issues and movements.

Feel free to get in touch any time. Social media is fine but if you want a quicker response then please email me by clicking "book a consultation" (I'm probably not consulting you about anything, but there's no 'email me' button on here). Unless you're an asshole or a bigot, in which case you can stay the fuck away. :D

PGP: 8FC8C101

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