Matthew Bailey

I am an engineering entrepreneur from Kitchener Ontario. Currently working at my startup .:thalmic labs:., I am pushing the boundries of how we interact with technology. With a great interest in human-computer interaction, myself and my co-founders Stephen Lake and Aaron Grant are looking to redefine the computing industry.

I graduated from the Mechatronics Engineering program at the University of Waterloo. While studying robotics, virtual reality, and technical entrepreneurship in the master's department of ETH Zurich in Switzerland, I began developing an advanced wearable computing technology to aid the visually impaired in navigation. This project was recently featured in the Faculty of Engineering's 'Designing the Future' showcase in Waterloo. I have extensive knowledge of pattern recognition and user-centered design methodologies, and have worked previously with many companies doing industrial machine design. On the side, I develop mobile applications for multiple platforms, run a personal AutoCAD drafting busines, play classical guitar, and am an avid Crossfitter.