Bailey's Ragdolls

Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Bailey's Ragdolls raises Ragdoll kittens distinguished by their friendly dispositions and excellent health. Bailey's Ragdolls maintains licensure with the Georgia Department of Agriculture and TICA (The International Cat Association) registration. The breeder raises all kittens personally and at home surrounded by children and a loving environment to ensure a great temperament later in life. She focuses on breeding solid, mink, and traditional kittens. Many individuals seek out Ragdolls for their dog-like qualities, such as strong bonds to their owners and the ability to fetch toys. These cats generally grow to around 15 or 20 pounds, depending on their gender, and have medium-length hair that they shed very little. They are known to be excellent companions for both adults and children. Bailey's Ragdolls ensures that kittens receive all necessary shots and deworming medicines. In addition, the breeder takes each kitten to an experienced veterinarian prior to adoption and only sells kittens in the best of health.

Bailey's Ragdolls makes every effort to ease the transition from breeder to home. All kittens receive litter training, but adopters should keep in mind that a new environment will put stress on the animal and accidents may result. Adopters should ensure that kittens have easy and ready access to a litter box. Also, adopters should continue feeding Ragdolls the same food they enjoy at the breeder's home until at least one year of age. Potential adopters will find a great deal of information online at or can contact the breeder directly for help, advice, and insight. Bailey's Ragdolls provides kittens on a first-come, first-served basis and will fly kittens to new homes around the country through prior arrangements.