Baily Hancock

Santa Monica, California

Baily Hancock hails from Florida and lived there until making the 2,600 mile drive to Santa Monica, California, arriving on New Year’s Eve 2010. Since then she’s been working on making her mark on LA, sussing out all of the exciting and adventurous things to do in this sprawling city.

She has two degrees – a BS in Recreation, Parks and Tourism with a specialization in Event Management from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), and an MBA with certificates in Entrepreneurship & Management from the University of South Florida.

Living in LA is great, except for the fact that it's a bit tough to find your tribe in a sea of 3.8 million people. Having been an extracurriculars addict throughout high school and college, Baily knew to turn to the Santa Monica Junior Chamber of Commerce (the Jaycees) to find her people. In 2013 she took over the role of Membership Vice President, and during her one year tenure Baily brought in over 30 new members. Needless to say, she was exhausted from schmoozing and recruiting like a mad woman, so in 2014 Baily moved into the role of Marketing Vice President. Come 2015 she's tapped to be the Executive Vice President, moving into the Presidential seat for 2016.

Fed up with the lackadaisical attitude of Southern Californians, Baily started GSD Consulting (Get Sh*t Done) in November 2013 and acts as an Accountability Coach for artists. In February 2014 she joined General Assembly as their Los Angeles Campus Marketing Producer. After kicking ass and taking names on a local level for 5 months, Baily was promoted to Global Business Development Producer, managing relationships for GA's Los Angeles and Chicago campuses. She now gets to live out her dream of jet-setting to the best cities on someone else's dime, meeting with some of the coolest "GSD" folks in the startup world.

Always down for an adventure and good time, Baily is your go-to gal for fun stuff to do around Santa Monica and beyond. You can typically find her under the polka dot umbrella at the Twilight Concerts on the Santa Monica Pier, relaxing in a hammock with a cocktail at The Bungalow, or trekking off into the wilderness of Yosemite.

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