Baimey Rajesh


She is a Master's Degree Holder in Information Technologyand worked as CERTIFIED TRAINER and SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER in .Net technologies including advanced technologies: Silverlight, WPF, SQL Server 2005, and ASP.NET. She does Freelance Development support for different software communities. She is an Author in different Technical websites on latest .Net technologies

She is an Indian, residing with family in Kuwait. She is currently enrolled for her Phd in Information Technology.

Her passion remains on technology, teaching and cooking.

She always wants to be a student and very eager to transfer her know how to others, both her collegues and students. Her passion for teaching starts from her schooling and continued in colleges during seminars and presentations, till in the corporate world where she was the certified trainer for .Net technologies.

She enjoys cooking and trying new recipes and combinations. She have a hand on both Indian and continental dishes, desserts both traditional and modern, innovative recipes as well that she and her family would love.

  • Education
    • Enrolled for Phd in Information Technology
    • Masters in Information Technology