Cartelia Locke

I was born at home in a little town called bethal Kansas and delivered and raised by my great grandmother Mary Crockett. I latter moved with my grand mother Rosie Lee White and 13 aunties and uncles of which the older ones had already left home. I had a very happy childhood with my grand parents. I got pregnant in 1974 and for the first time in my life lived with my biological mother Davasha Jones. And went on a search for my biological father Timothy Morrow in which I did find and talked to by phone for the first time and it was like we were the same person; how we fit together in conversation and thoughts and beliefs. He flew from California to Kansas to meet his grandson Donyell L. Horton and me and we just clicked every scince. I layed eyes on Willie J. Locke Jr. and was filled with love and feel that way even the more 33 years later. It all have not been lovely but we made it and are still holding on. But Jesus is the best thing that ever happed to me, because if it weren't for Jesus i never would had made it throught any of these things. Even though these things are wonderful things that happed in my life there are many very trying and painful and unbelieable moments that I will not tell here. But never the less I made it and it was good. And now I strive to walk with God ( Jesus) so if you want to go on the rest of my journey with me and Jesus lets go.