Bairbre Kelly

Psychotherapist in Drogheda, Ireland

Or phone 087 3622 352

My name is Bairbre Kelly and I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist based in Drogheda. I am passionate about working with people to realise and achieve their potential. Whether it's working with people around loss and other traumatic events, exploring problematic issues to develop healthier coping skills or assisting people to challenge their thinking and behaviours, my work tends to have one main focus: The client is the only person who can implement real change in their own life. For people to realise and achieve their potential, no matter what that is, they must take responsibility for themselves. Struggling with your mental health is not a choice but choosing how to manage it is. Making good lifestyle choices such as eating well, exercising and seeking therapeutic help will all have a positive impact on your mental well being. Equally, struggling with your weight and physical health can be very challenging but deciding to take charge and making lifestyle changes which include diet, exercise and self care will all lead to a happier and healthier you, both physically and mentally.