Baishali Ghosh


I'm a patient listener more on the taciturn side.
I dance and sing when I'm in the mood for it.
I'm non judgmental and am not easily swayed by other's views on someone. I prefer to get to know said person and form an opinion of my own.

I'm an environment friendly person. I despise littering and urger anyone around me to not litter as well.

I'm an absolute manga freak and on rare occasions indulge in free verse poetry writing.

Currently I'm pursuing a graduate degree in Computer Science, which has since grade 5 been my passion. Prior to grade 5, I wanted to be an animator. But my design skills are rather poor and I'm more of a copy-artist( I am able to reproduce other images quite well).

According to popular notion, I have a drastic sense of style. But I'd rather be comfortable than stylish anyday.

  • Work
    • ACM VIT Student Chapter
  • Education
    • Mahadevi Birla Girl's Higher Secondary School
    • Vellore Institute of Technology