Bajrangi Dhaam

Astrologer and Astrology in Noida, India

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Bajrangi Dhaam, the abode of Lord Hanuman at the gate way of U.P. or Noida is kept and maintained by a number of Bajrangis and Devotees under the guidance of Dr Vinay Bajrangi who is an imminent Vedic astrologer and preacher of Vedic culture.

Bajrangi Dhaam is a center which propagates Vedic thoughts and instruments itself in correcting the Karma of the people who choose to associate with it. Situated in midst of hustling and bustling city life, where people seldom have time for themselves, it is center which transforms the way people look toward the life.

With the continual blessing of Lord Hanuman, who is the soul of Bajrangi Dhaam, the body of Bajrangi Dhaam is Dr Vinay Bajrangi. His doctorate in Vedic astrology and profound knowledge in the Vedangnas distinguishes him from most of the contemporary astrologers. With a loaded experience of almost 25years and having extraordinary experience of reading over 45000 horoscopes he is well ahead of the astrological pack.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi is not only well versed with the north Indian technique of interpreting the charts but also has a in-depth knowledge of using different Nadis , which are south Indian techniques, for chart reading. He has developed his unique method intermixing both north and south Indian techniques.

At Bajrangi Dhaam, people generally start getting therelief after the 1 session itself which is later supported by thecontinual feedback follow up system by its senior team members. Regular Poojaswith prior intimations are performed to make the suggested remedies effectiveto benefit the people. Politeness, prompt response to the queries is also aunique feature of this institution.