Bajune Tobeta

Bajune Tobeta

Musician and a Film director. Representative of Croix, a film company which aims to produce fantasy inspired movies with influences from great entertainment mavericks like Tim Burton and Walt Disney. As a musician, keyboard and piano are his expertise.

In 2006, Tobeta signs a contract with LLP10℃, a production office founded by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Two years later, Tobeta releases his debut album, “Blue Butterfly” from a HatsUnlimited, a recording label run by violinist Taro Hakase.

The Album features many artists of various genres, including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi, Taeko Onuki, Yasuyuki Horigome (KIRINJI), Keiichiro Hirano (Recipient of Akutagawa Award.) Tobeta has also had the pleasure of working with worldly renowned artists including Jaques Morelembaum and Chen Hao.

Aside of being an invigorating music producer, Tobeta is also widely known for creating film music. He has composed music for “The Witch of the West is Dead” (2008) directed by Shunichi Nagasaki and “A Thousand Year Song of BaoBab” (2008) directed by Seiichi Motohashi.

Tobeta has also broadened his works to include visual directions, starting with his own music video, “Blue Butterfly” which has received nominations for Short Film Festival and Asia 2009. The video was also acknowledged and was asked to be presented at a Sapporo Short Film Festival 2009.

Tobeta continues to cover a wide range of entertainment not only with music, but also with stage productions and directions as well. Tobeta’s multifaceted talents and abilities bring his works together to a world truly of his own.